Ninja Dice: Review by The Dice Tower

Although this a little old, I’m playing catch-up, so. Here’s the review by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower.

tl;dr version: “A good game, but with the Location Cards, great game!”

Ninja Dice: Kage Masters Kickstarter

Ninja Dice, my first commercial game published by GreenBrier Games, has been doing *very* well. Well enough in fact that I had been working on a new supplement for it, and it’s now on Kickstarter!

Ninja Dice: Kage Masters are a collection of Ninja Masters, each with their own character card and matching custom and unique Threat die. Each master has their own unique powers and abilities.

Ninja Dice: Kage Masters's video poster

The campaign also comes with a bunch of neat stretch goals and add-ons, including re-releases of the various promos, metal Master Ninja dice, additional Location cards, and more!

Check it out and pledge if you want to expand the world of Ninja Dice!

Catchin’ Up!

Hey folks – Rocco’s back!

The last year or so there haven’t been a lot of consistent updates, but I reckon I better take care of that. I’ve been a busy little game designer and not keeping folks appraised is a bad idea!

As part of this, I took a look at the site and even though it was sort of fun in a chaotic way, it was a little messy looking, so I updated to a cleaner template. I assume at some point in the future I’ll do something a bit more imaginative but for right now the site is about the content, not the look. And the games, of course.

There’s a lot going on. I’ll try and keep everything up to date from now on, I promise!

Onmitsu, a new Print and Play game!

onmitsu-logo1The game of Japanese medieval spies, intrigue, hidden messages, and not killing the messenger… you hope.
For 2-4 players, game time 30 minutes.

Onmitsu is a new Print-and-Play game I’ve just started play testing publicly. Besides the rules, the whole game is contained in one 54 card deck of cards. If you are a Print and Play aficionado, that comes to a mere 6 sheets of card stock (or sleeved paper).

Right now I’m starting to publically test it (among other games I intend to be either pitching or Kickstarting soon) so check it out. As usual, I’d love to hear feedback. You can either email me, comment on this post, or find me on under the handle Rocconteur.

Head over to the Onmitsu page and check it out!


Ninja Dice completed!

So the Kickstarter for Ninja Dice finished a month ago. We made a good showing!

The game was funded at 221% which is pretty good. We hit a couple of well-needed stretch goals: the addition of special location cards, plastic coins, and more.

Hopefully the game will ship in March to April.

I learned a lot from the process. Most of the work was done by Greenbrier, of course. I mean, I designed it, but those guys ran the Kickstarter.

I’m still a little drained. It was a 40+ day campaign so it was pretty crazy tracking it every day.

Well, on to the next few games!


When do I buy a game?


Ninja Dice Blurb

Got a small blurb mention on at

“As we mingled and talked with developers and publishers alike, we noticed some really great game concepts such as Ninja Dice by Rocco Privetera of Mighty Fist Games and MERC MAYHEM by Andrew Federspiel.”

Excitement builds!

Review of Ninja Dice by MarcoWarGamer

This is the Kickstarter paid preview video review of Ninja Dice done by MarcoWarGamer, a YouTube board game reviewer. His specialty is war games and hard core board games but he does other types and here he takes a shot at my little game.

I can’t be happier!

First Ninja Dice Print and Play review

Our first review of Ninja Dice is up on BoardGameGeek!

Ninja Dice – first review up!

Someone I sent a review copy of Ninja Dice (one of the early Print and Play versions from 2012) posted a review on! Very exciting. My first real review of the game online!

Click here to jump to the review.