Two Deck Siege

I’ve got a new work-in-progress: Two Deck Siege

Two Deck Siege is a card game, sort of a tower defense, sort of a deck building game. Its solitaire. The player defends against an incoming horde of monsters attacking his tower.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Privatize! Used to be Space Lords

So after a major round of playtesting online with friends and at, a few things came up and the theme of the game (classic space combat) just couldn’t be reconciled with the mechanics. I’ve tried a few theme variations and this one seems to mesh with the mechanics as they sit right now.

PRIVATIZE! is a tile-based (like Hive) 4x-style of game, essentially an explore, utilize and combat sort of game. It is themed in a city being built between rival Land/Construction  Barons out to secure the rights to the city.

Anyway – I’ll be making¬† a new page to keep files and posts about Privatize. Print it and Play it!