Crash Landing

Crash Landing is a solitaire card game using a regular poker deck that simulates landing a lunar lander-style space ship. It’s another entry in the 2012 BoardGameGeek solitaire Print and Play challenge.

You can find the files here. Games that are really small, or just based on poker cards and so forth will all be on the Other Games page.

I’ve played it a few times now in testing, and it’s more difficult than you think, especially the race!

Leet Traders

Leet Traders is a small game written for the 2012 Solitaire print and play challenge. It’s a solitaire game, and requires two dice, a pencil, some kind of marker to mark the player’s position, and a printout of the Star Map and Ship card to write on.

The whole game (not including the rules) prints out to two pages of paper, so it’s a fun and small little game. You fly around, you trade, buying and selling goods; you fight pirates (or you BECOME a pirate); you rescue people; you fight aliens, that sort of thing.

The game is sort of an “Elite” clone (the old 1980’s computer game). You can find the page with the game here.