Barbarian Vince

As your father rides off into the sunset, you, Vincent the Barbarian, look at the city of Ulendi you used to trade with under your father’s stern eye. Now you are a man and seek your fortune. What sort of adventures will you have? How many wolves will you kill? There are a lot of wolves.

Barbarian Vince is a solitaire card-driven adventure game. The only components required are the decks of Adventure cards, the Player cards, and a few places to hold/store cards when in play (pockets, a table, etc). It’s unique design means you can pay it just about everywhere. The game comes with a lots of items and treasure, 3 overarching major story plots you can discover, several side quests, and over 150+ unique encounters! The game uses some deck building strategy.

At the moment it’s still in playtesting, but I’d love your feedback.

Check it out Here.

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