onmitsu-logo1The game of Japanese medieval spies, intrigue, hidden messages, and not killing the messenger… you hope.
For 2-4 players, game time 30 minutes.

Onmitsu is a new Print-and-Play game I’ve just started play testing publicly. Besides the rules, the whole game is contained in one 54 card deck of cards.

In Onmitsu, you are a spy – an Onmitsu – a sort of spy slash messenger slash ninja slash espionage secret kind of sneak. Your job is to deliver a scroll with a message to your Lord’s boss, the Daimyo. You have a sealed scroll – but so does everyone else.

Only one message is the “real” message. Others are decoys (which need to be delivered, but aren’t worth as much) and at least “Poison” scroll – a scroll with a hidden message to kill the bearer. Someone doesn’t trust you very much…

Your job is to not only deliver the scroll, but figure out which one you and the other players have. You can always crack yours open to find out, but if the Daimyo shows’s up before you repair it (or pass it off on some other spy) you are in trouble.

Game play is simple – you draw and discard to form a hand of cards, each of which can be Locations or People. All of them give you the ability to perform actions like steal cards, repair broken scrolls, gain intelligence, or other forms of intrigue.

Here are some cards showing locations in the game (3 of the 5):


And here are some of the People cards.


DISCLAIMER: This is a very raw first draft of the game, and yes, I randomly grabbed placeholder art off of the internet. I am not making money with this – it’s purely (right now) for fun, and play testing. If I were to ever make this into a real game, I’d get real art. In the meantime, though, if you own any of the art and want me to take it down/replace it, I will in a heartbeat an meant no offense.

If you are interested in trying this game out, you can download the files here or from the boardgamegeek page at (to be determined).



I have two rules files – one is booklet the same size as the cards (I’m trying to figure out how to get it oriented so you can cut it side-folder) and one is a full-sheet but with the name of the game Misspelled… and I lost the file to make it again. So this might be it for now.