About Us

Right now, the us is just me: Rocco Privetera.

I’m a man of a lot of interests – I write quite a bit, mostly screenplays and movie scripts. I write music for musical shows I’m working on. I’m a storyteller. I’d like to think everything I do, in some fashion or another, is about telling an engaging story and having fun!

But…I do love board games. I’m a long playing old-school nerd, having cut my teeth on games like Advanced Civilization, Star Fleet Battles and Magic Realm. These days I play a lot of different stuff and am starting to design my own.

If you play any of my games and have any questions, or want to shoot me some feedback, or just want to tell me you had a few hours fun from something I wrote, or think something I wrote sucks,  I’d love to hear it. I really appreciate feedback of any kind. I realize your gaming time is limited so any feedback is very valued. You can email me at rocco@mightyfistgames.com

I also hang out quite a bit on www.BoardGameGeek.com as Rocconteur.

If you are a publisher interested in one of my designs: unless they are listed as published, they are available. Get in touch with me and I’d love to work with you.