Ninja Dice first version

Here’s a closeup of the dice used in Ninja Dice – the push your luck Japanese Thief Dice game!


Along the top are the six white Player Dice (representing the player’s thief-ly skills).

The next two rows are black Challenge Dice representing the house being broken in to. The top row of four of Challenge Dice are “Outer” dice (you can tell because they have a wall around the icons) and the bottom row of five are “Inner” dice.

The fourth row are red Alarm Dice representing the escalating danger as alarms are raised. There are Torches that cause momentary panic, more sword-wielding Guards, a Time Passes icon showing the night drawing to a close, a Block, and Yin/Yang faces that can cause out-of-control Alarms to be raised.

The last green die is the Interference die, used by players who are not currently taking a turn to interfere with the active player.

Twenty one dice – currently using indented dice with homemade labels.

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