NInja Dice Game In Progress


Here is a game-in-progress of Ninja Dice – this is in the second round of play.

On the right are the ‘saved’ dice. At  the top are three Outer Challenge dice (a Resident, a Lock off-screen and a Guard). They’ve been beaten already – if the player escapes, he’ll get three points for them.

On the right middle is the current Inner house: two Residents, two Guards, three Locks and a Strongbox (worth two points as it’s the second round). The player has made a few attempts already: a Time Passes red Alarm die is locked as well as an additional Guard. The player has already rolled a Social and Stealth which he’s saved. He also has a Fortune pointing to a Pick – the combo of the two is worth three Picks. He’ll need one more Pick if he wants the extra points in the Strongbox!

On the left is a red Alarm die (currently Blocked), a White Blank die, and a White Wild die. Where would you put the Wild die?

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