Print and Play/Free/Old

Mighty Fist Games has a number of games we’re making available for free! Or, we’re listing them here for archival purposes.

Print and Play means we’re leaving it up to you to download, print and play. Our only request is if you like it you go to places like and leave a rating or a review. Also, please don’t re-use the game without asking us first (like selling it yourself as your own game). Other than that – have fun with them!

Dorobo is a push your luck dice game about thieves in ancient Japan. It was subsequently picked up and published and turned into Ninja Dice!

Barbarian Vince is a single deck solitaire game with no other components. It’s a tribute to a great old solitaire paragraph game, but it requires nothing other than the deck itself.

‘Leet Traders is a solitaire “Elite” pen-and-paper clone of a starship trader trying to survive in space. Only two printed pages, and requires dice, a pen, and the love of reading lots of little paragraphs.

Two Deck Siege is a 104 solitaire custom card game of a fantasy siege. It’s sort of a raw first version but I’m including it to show my evolution as a designer.

Other Free Games are things like variants that useĀ  re-purposed other games, or original games that use traditional components (like playing card games or dice games).

Crash Landing is a solitaire game simulating a lunar lander with a single deck of playing cards.