Barbarian Vince

BARBARIAN VINCE is a solitaire card game using a deck of 52 cards. It is a Print-And-Play game. In it, you play Vincent the Barbarian, and you adventure through a magical land. The game uses the cards for inventory, maps, and encounters. The unique nature of the game play means its possible to play the entire game with very minimal space (on a plane or passenger in a car) as the player needs to maintain only two hands of cards and the game deck.

The game is currently in its version 1 Print and Play release, with final art.

I originally wrote this for the Solitaire 2012 Print and Play challenge! It came in third in the Best Paragraph Game Category. If you are interested in the work-in-progress thread, you can find it here.

Barbarian Vince Rules includes the rules and a sample of play.

Barbarian Vince Cards are the game cards.

And, if you are a Print-and-Play purist, Barbarian Vince backs are the card backs if you want to print them.

I’d like to give credit to Mr. Curtis on who redid all the graphics, layouts, maps, and so forth. The game looks truly amazing!