Leet Traders

LEET TRADERS is a Solitaire print-and-play board game. It prints out on two pages only (I know, right?) and requires only two regular dice and a pen/pencil to play.

If the name didn’t give it away – it’s a simple version of the Elite style of game play – rogue traders, pirates, couriers, and trading goods.

I’ve not made a Boardgamegeek.com entry for this one as it’s an early work of mine and a little raw, but it still plays well enough so I decided to include it up here for historical purposes. I originally wrote this for the BoardGameGeek.com Solitaire 2012 Print and Play challenge!

If you are interested in the Work-in-progress thread I made during the contest, you can find it here.

If you have any comments, email me at rocco@mightyfistgames.com.

This file is the entire game: http://www.mightyfistgames.com/design/leettraders.pdf