Two Deck Siege

Two Deck Siege is a solitaire card game about an evil fantasy army attacking a castle and its defenders. Tell me what you think by writing to

I’ve not made a entry for this one as it’s an early work of mine and a little raw, but it still plays well enough so I decided to include it up here for historical purposes. I originally wrote this for the Solitaire 2012 Print and Play challenge!

If you are interested in the Work-in-progress thread I made during the contest, you can find it here.

Two Deck Siege uses, not surprisingly, two decks of cards and needs some tokens of your choice (two colored cubes, coins, stones, whatever you have handy).

Note:  I went on the internet and grabbed whatever placeholder art I could find for the contest as I didn’t think the game warranted finding a real artist (or learning to draw). In the meantime, if you find out I used your art and don’t want me to use it, let me know and I’ll remove it.