Updated Barbarian Vince

I’m really proud about Barbarian Vince. I’ve just gone through a round of playtesting on Boardgamegeek.com and it really helped to improve gameplay, smooth the game out, and make it easier to grasp.

What I also love is how in a 54 card game I’ve got much stuff. Sometimes working within limitations is a very useful thing to do every now and then.

There’s all sorts of new things, besides better card layout and typo fixes. Things like a starter quest, year by year effects, rumors, better laid out encounters so there are more of them, choosing encounters, etc.

If you are considering this, its small enough to fit in your pocket, and its designed to be played with only two hands – suitable for play on a subway, train or airplane. I’d love to hear any feedback on it. You can write to me at rocco@mightyfistgames.com.

Enjoy! And watch out for the wolves!

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